Exclusive Domain Names for Sale at OrderDomains.com

Our company, OrderDomains.com, holds exclusive rights to broker the following domain names.

Explore the possibilities with these ready-to-purchase domain names:

Medical.supplies: Elevate your healthcare business.

Art.studio: Your digital canvas awaits.

Sports.network: Unite sports enthusiasts globally.

Carpet.cleaning: Stand out in cleanliness online.

Insurance.claims: Simplify insurance processes.

Dare to be distinct! Opting for unconventional extensions like .supplies or .studio not only brings a fresh vibe to your online identity but also showcases your niche expertise, helping your brand shine uniquely in the digital realm.

All domain names are registered with Name.com and are set to expire in 2024.

Renewal fees: .supplies – $28.99 .studio – (On Sale) $14.99 .network – (On Sale) $5.99.cleaning – $56.99 .claims – (On Sale) $19.99

(These renewal prices, listed in USD, are accurate as of the time of this listing.)

Payment options: Escrow.com or Wire Transfer.

Please feel free to send us a private message with your offer to secure your online presence today!

Thank you.

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